October 8, 2018

Estate Planning for the Heart: When to Have “The Conversation” with Your Loved Ones

Are you sitting down? I’ve got some bad news. We’re all going to die. Yes, we all know we’re mortal. Yet somehow, most of us would rather talk about almost anything aside from death and dying – especially the more emotional aspects of the topic. “We seem to be okay discussing the practical matters associated with death,” says Cory Shaw, executive director of Weinstein Hospice. “We plan meticulously with estate lawyers and financial planners, but why aren’t we talking with our own families to help guide decisions about what matters most to us as we approach the end of life?” Read the full story here
July 18, 2017

Cohen Home Completes $2.5 Million Renovation

Our $2.5 million renovation is complete! Read about our Grand Re-Opening event held on June 4, 2017 in The Atlanta Jewish Times Our brand new open-concept dining room has floor to ceiling windows on three sides that overlooks a southern-style covered porch with overhead fans and comfortable rockers. The new patio located just outside the dining room features shady outdoor seating with umbrella tables that are perfect for outdoor dining and activities.  Our front parlor has been transformed into a comfortably modern seating area where residents enjoy morning exercise, musical entertainment and visits with friends and family. Stately new front doors, a new porte cochere and updated entry furnishings make a very welcoming first impression of our home. Our brand new Pathways Neighborhood Great Room features a farmhouse style table for enjoying meals and activities together. One side of the room offers a comfortable living room area with plenty of accessible seating to watch favorite movies or the latest news. The other side of the room features a sunroom and activity area. The additional floor-to-ceiling windows in this area overlook a spectacular new garden with raised flowerbeds and a winding path with benches for morning or afternoon strolls. For more information on our new living spaces, schedule a personal visit today.