Welcome to The Cohen Home!

You may be faced with new surroundings and routines but moving to The Cohen Home enables you or your loved one to hand over housekeeping, cooking and many more household responsibilities as well as gain assistance with activities of daily living.

In preparing for your move, the following may ease the process.

Envisioning a New Home and Space

  • What furniture will you take to The Cohen Home?
  • How will furniture fit in your new living space?
  • What other decorative and personal items belong in your new home?
  • How should the place be arranged or organized?

Getting Help from Family Members or Friends

  • How can friends and family members help pack in advance of moving day?
  • Who can help go through clothes and personal belongings?
  • Who can temporarily store items to help determine which items to bring?

Moving Day

Moving in is an emotional and exciting time for new residents and their family members. Our goal is to work with you to provide a positive experience. We will assist with space and layout, and we can suggest a list of items to bring.

For answers to frequently asked questions about moving in, click here.

To make a smooth transition, we recommend that you:

  • Coordinate your move date with our team so we can have everything ready for your arrival.
  • Move in during morning hours to allow for plenty of time to unpack and settle in.
  • Enjoy a meal together at your new home.
  • Recognize there will be an adjustment period.
  • Encourage your family member to get out and meet other residents.
  • Read the activity schedule and choose some programs that sound interesting.
  • Ask for help as needed.