What is the Staff Holiday Fund?

The Staff Holiday Fund is a meaningful way for families to help our staff have a joyous holiday season.

Our staff members work tirelessly—directly and indirectly—with residents to provide essential services including food service, housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance, financial and administrative services.

To show your appreciation for these efforts, the Staff Holiday Fund rewards staff members at the end of the year for all their hard work. When you make a contribution to this fund, you help brighten the holiday season for our staff.

Because The Cohen Home does not allow individual gift giving or tipping, the proceeds from this fund are divided among all staff members.

This fund is open for contributions from November through January each holiday season.

How does it work?

Family members and supporters who wish to express their appreciation of the efforts of staff members contribute to this holiday fund. This gift will be shared equally among all staff members who provide direct and indirect care to our residents.

Make Your Gift to the Staff Holiday Fund

We appreciate your support of these remarkable individuals who deserve our generous acknowledgement of their efforts and dedication at this time of year.

To make your gift to the Staff Holiday Fund, open from November through January each year, a hyperlink will be available.

To learn more

If you have any questions please contact:

Cheryl Chambers, Executive Director at 770.475.8787 or by email at cchambers@jewishhomelife.org regarding The Cohen Home.