Our Community

Socialization with peers is one of the most important benefits of living in an assisted living community, and at The Cohen Home we take that very seriously. Whether your loved one enjoys quiet time or a bustle of activity, he or she will find plenty of opportunities for both every day.

At The Cohen Home, we create fun, engaging and intergenerational programs that bolster the physical, social, and mental well-being of each individual. We celebrate simchas and observe holidays with our families, friends and the local community—in a warm, home-like environment that respects Jewish values, always guided by the biblical principle of “honoring thy mother and father.”


The Cohen Home offers numerous amenities for enhanced living, including spacious apartments, beautiful common areas, individual and group transportation and exceptional health and wellness services. For details on amenities, click here.

Resident Stories

Life at The Cohen Home begins with the remarkable stories residents have to share. Click here to read some.


We encourage residents to pursue their interests and hobbies and perhaps even find some new ones through our vast array of fun, life-enriching programs and activities. Our residents love the constant flow of community groups, schools and volunteers who visit every week—playing games, performing shows, encouraging sing-a-longs, or helping celebrate festive occasions. Click here for more information on all that we offer.


When it comes to food, The Cohen Home exceeds expectations. Our creative chef prepares delicious and hearty kosher-style feasts for holidays, Friday night Shabbat dinner, monthly theme nights and other festivities. Residents love that our chef personally meets with them upon arrival to learn their preferences, and always makes sure each person has a satisfying dining experience. For more information, please click here.