At The Cohen Home, we encourage vibrant relationships to develop, which are so vital to well being and a high quality of life.

Charlotte, Deborah and Ann*– Separate Lives, Strong Friendships

Although they have different cultural backgrounds, within days of moving in, Charlotte, Deborah and Ann became good friends, who eat and enjoy other activities together, and support each other in emotionally tough times. And while they don’t share interests in all of the same activities, the three ladies are as close as sisters, always concerned about each other’s health and families.

A retired school teacher from Atlanta, Charlotte revels in visits from the Moms and Babies Play Group and the school groups that come to lead activities. Charlotte is often The Cohen Home’s in-house Jeopardy champ, frequently finishing with the highest score in the weekly contest.

Deborah relocated from Boston and loves to play computer games and bridge, and enjoys getting our chef to try making interesting cuisines from around the world.

Ann, who moved here from New York, functions as The Cohen Home informal restaurant coordinator, monitoring the calendar to be sure no one misses a lunch outing. She is an avid Mah Jongg player who drew both Charlotte and Deborah into learning the game.

Best Friends

Eve and Betsy* didn’t know each other before moving into The Cohen Home, but soon became best friends. Just how close are they?

“When I went to see my audiologist,” Eve confided, “I had him set my hearing aids so I could hear Betsy’s voice perfectly.”

Birthday Seranade

At the Cohen Home, our employees are part of our family. And they treat our residents as part of theirs.

Daisy* always enjoys the lively music during the resident birthday party held each month. But for her birthday, she declared she wanted her own personal concert.

Cohen Home Sous Chef Lawrence Langston, who is also a talented blues musician, overheard her make this declaration and decided to grant her wish. When it was time for her birthday celebration, he brought in his guitar and surprised Daisy and some of her Cohen Home friends with an impromptu serenade especially for her. Chef Lawrence sang ballads he knew she would love, and Daisy beamed with happiness the rest of the day.

*Resident names changed for privacy