Moving away from familiar surroundings or a family home can seem overwhelming, but at The Cohen Home we help connect families with local medical professionals, including our own Nurse Practitioner. We coordinate with local caregivers and work with families to help make the transition as smooth as possible. We offer as little or as much assistance as needed to promote independence and enhance the lives of our residents. We are also the only senior care organization in Georgia that utilizes the I’m Still Here® philosophy of engagement.

Assisted Living Care

The Cohen Home offers three inclusive levels of assistance based on the individualized plan of care developed upon arrival. We specialize in meeting the needs of residents and families facing dementia or those who just need some extra assistance with activities of daily living. Click here to learn more.

Dementia Care using the I’m Still Here® Approach

The Cohen Home is partnering with The Hearthstone Institute to become an I’m Still Here® Center of Excellence. I’m Still Here® is a memory care philosophy based on the belief that every person living with dementia is truly still there and can experience a high quality of life regardless of the severity of their memory loss. We use the I’m Still Here® approach throughout our community to empower residents to use their remaining skills and abilities. Residents are invited to take part in a wide variety of programs tailored to their interests, needs and abilities. I’m Still Here® combines meaningful activities, specialized communication techniques and an enriched environment to provide engagement, choice and purpose regardless of the level of cognitive challenge.

For residents with Alzheimer’s or other cognitive or physical impairments, we offer additional support services along with the I’m Still Here® approach in our Pathways Neighborhood. Click here to learn more.


Caregiver Support

The Cohen Home hosts a Caregiver Support Group the fourth Tuesday of each month. Click here for more information.