At The Cohen Home, engagement and socialization are hallmarks of the care we provide the elderly. For residents with memory loss, moderate to severe dementia or more significant physical impairments, we offer a solution that respects the importance of purposeful engagement and familiar friends and surroundings.

Pathways Neighborhood for Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss

Our unique Pathways Neighborhood balances independence with our highest level of supervision for those with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. These residents still have their own private apartments, yet benefit from the higher staff ratio and activities tailored to their specific needs. Some Pathways residents continue to enjoy meals in our main dining room, but for those who benefit from less distractions or require greater assistance with eating, our Pathways Great Room provides a perfectly intimate setting. 

Inclusion Model Inspires Socialization

Located on our main floor for greater accessibility, the Pathways Neighborhood is an extension of our community, providing a more intimate setting for the residents. Pathways residents continue participating in many activities with their peers in surroundings that provide comfort and familiarity. This model enables all our residents with Alzheimer’s and other forms of memory impairment to comfortably age in our community.

For those at risk of wandering, we utilize the WanderGuardtm system to enable free movement within the community and gated outdoor areas. Our front door also has a keypad entry system.

I’m Still Here® Approach to Dementia Care

I’m Still Here® is a philosophy of memory care based on the belief that every person living with dementia is truly still there and can experience a high quality of life regardless of the severity of their memory loss.

I’m Still Here® empowers residents to see their skills and abilities. Residents are invited to take part in a wide variety of programs tailored to their interests, needs and abilities.

I’m Still Here® combines meaningful activities, specialized communication techniques and an enriched environment to provide engagement, choice and purpose regardless of the level of cognitive challenge.

I’m Still Here® encourages non-pharmacologic approaches to successfully treat the four A’s of Alzheimer’s: agitation, aggression, apathy and anxiety.

Jewish Home Life Communities will be the only senior care organization in Georgia to have certified I’m Still Here® Centers of Excellence in our family of services. To learn more about the I’m Still Here Approach at The Cohen Home, please CLICK HERE.